IT-Product development


Web Applications

At Mayak Corp. we develop modern and elegant web application. We use cutting edge technologies to ensure the longevity and security of all our developments. The web is moving faster than you think, that is why we make sure to always be onboard the first wagon of the train.

Mobile Applications

Nowadays, having a dedicated mobile application for your business, company or NGO, on both platforms (IOS and Android) is a sign of professionalism, and modernity. A mobile application is woven into the life of your audience as it lives on their phone. While it is the main interaction between your company and its users, a web application, which explains what the mobile application does and how it works, is wise to have, and we are aware of that. That is why in all our mobile application packages, a landing page is included for free if needed.

SEO & Security Enhancement

You have an existing website or web application but it does not seem to reach as much people as you would like? No problem, here at Mayak Corp. we provide Search Engine Optimization consultancy to ensure the visibility of your website/webapp. Ever had a DDos Attack, or leaked information? We also provide consultancy in cyber security matters to improve your website/webapp’s defences.